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Purak Asia

Purak is an initiative to bring together thoughtful people of Asia and beyond for meaningful exchange that yield results in the form of calls to action through initiatives, movements and publications that arouse opinion-makers and alert the public.  Purak Asia is an organisation established by committed, confident citizens who have learnt from observing Nepal’s own experience and the challenges confronting various parts of Asia, that great regional transformation starts with having a place and platform for discourse and activism.

Elections And Democracy In Nepal

This publication is the first of the occasional paper series of Purak Asia. It offers a comparative view on the progress made or the lack thereof in the four subsequent elections in the last 14 years in Nepal. The writers use the five pillar interactive election framework on the two elections for the Constituent Assembly in 2008 and 2013 and the elections for the House of Representatives in 2017 and 2022 to see whether and how elections have helped in the maturing of democracy in Nepal.


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Purak Asia work revolves around building a strong knowledge base, analyzing Nepal’s socioeconomic and political realities objectively, creating enabling networks and partnerships, and establishing convening spaces and platforms to empower citizens as drivers of change.

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